Therese Magnusson

My name is Therese Magnusson and I’m currently available for hire.

I have been a student at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden. Here, I learned everything from 3D modeling and texturing to rigging and animation. Together with level designers and programmers, I have developed games from scratch and therefore know what the process looks like.

The education ends with a 30 weeks internship, which I spent at PortaPlay ApS in Copenhagen. I also got the opportunity to work with their neighboring company KnapNok Games. During this internship, I learned a lot about developing games for mobile platforms as well as making games on behalf of a client.

I am accurate, driven and have high work ethic. I’m used to working towards a deadline and have no problem with adapting myself to different styles. My strength is that I easily absorb knowledge, both by solving tasks on my own and through feedback from others. I am a fast learner and never make the same mistake twice.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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